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Damaco Group is gespecialiseerd in de productie en export van landbouwproducten voor de voedingsmiddelen- en diervoederindustrie. Het verwerken en ontwikkelen van vlees , vleesproducten en natuurlijke vezels van uitzonderlijke kwaliteit.

Bringing excitement to the food industry

Damaco Group is gespecialiseerd in de productie en export van landbouwproducten voor de voedingsmiddelen- en diervoederindustrie.

Onze internationale teams bedienen alle uithoeken van de wereld: we hebben kantoren in Europa, Zuid-Amerika, het Midden-Oosten en Aziƫ. We willen nu en in de toekomst een sterke relatie met onze klanten opbouwen!

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Wij willen DE referentie inzake technologische oplossingen in de vleesverwerking, de productie van vleesproducten en het gebruik van natuurlijke vezels in diezelfde productie. Onze achtergrond en expertise in zowel productie als trading, van zowel grondstoffen als additieven en zelfs technologie onderscheidt ons van onze collega”s. Onze expertise staat ten dienste van U, onze klant.


Lamb, wild boar and sheep, mostly ewes, are the meat of the domestic sheep, Ovis aries. A sheep in its first year is a lamb and its meat is also a lamb. A second year sheep is the meat of a wild boar. An old lamb is a lamb. Buy all of our grass-fed lamb products, including lamb chops, lamb rolls, lamb bacon and more! The term “lamb” refers to young sheep of both sexes. They are slaughtered at the age of about six months. We can offer our competitive price to many markets worldwide without compromising on product quality. The following list is an example of the pieces we offer worldwide. Halal carcass stamp and official halal certificate if required Lamb shoulder, lamb ribs, lamb neck, lamb chops, hanging lamb, leg of lamb, lamb meat. The best quality wholesale lamb products raised humanely.

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Meat products mutton

nl fr en de es home processes company contact welcome to michiels vleeswaren s updated website meat products mutton gratis levering If you need meat products that are made according to your taste you are in the right place. We specialise in salted boiled and smoked meat products made from pork chicken turkey beef veal and mutton. Unlimited possibilities. Delicious meat products with a typical taste go through various processes such as marinating salting seasoning boiling roasting and frying allowing you to create a product that suits your taste . Read more about our production processes robust infrastructure. We have a modern production system that enables us to create small and big meat product packages. Our infrastructure meets the standards of brc haccp and autocontrol guides . We have a meat products production line as well as a complete slicing dicing department.. Read more about our company jobs disclaimer legal certificates powered by viavic.

home about assortment contact careers quality ifs brc menu home about assortment contact careers quality ifs brc en nl worldwide import amp export van aerde food group sources a wide range of high quality meat fish and poultry for the european market from the best regions in the world Selectie over meat products mutton We supply our products to industry food service and retail. Our team consists of highly qualified and motivated people who think proactively with our customers in order to meet their requirements. We are a modern familyowned business with a strong ambition to grow and to provide more added value with respect to the environment and our employees. Lamb mutton veal beef venison game poultry seafood copy van aerde food group privacy website by kmosites .

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